Q: do you do all this by hand..!?

A: NOPE. we would be even crazier than we all ready are! most of our designs have thousands and thousands of crystals - with different size and color stones - we have professional state of the art machines and equipment that help us create bling! 

Q: what kind of crystal do you use?

​A: Crystalline brand of Hotfix Rhinestones - they are high quality pressed glass hotfix crystals, regularly tested for glass clarity, lab tested for low-lead content to meet safety standards, color consistency in every batch, strict standards for glue adhesion properties

Q: will the crystals come off? 

A: Long story: Our crystals are adhered onto shirts, hoodies, bags, pants & more using a commercial grade heat press that heats our bling transfers & presses them at around 338 degrees (AKA very very hot). We use high grade crystal and inspect all the stones & transfers before they are pressed onto the merchandise and after - once we have repressed the item, tagged and folded.

Long story short: The crystals should not be coming off if you treat your bling the way we recommend it to be treated. 

Q: can i put my bling in the washer and dryer? 

A: Yes you can! To keep your crystals shiny and new - wash your bling inside and out in the washer on cold and gentle. Tumble dry low, hang to dry or lay flat to dry. Just one little thing - NEVER NEVER NEVER wash with your jeans or anything with metal! 

Q: what material can i AND can't i bling on?

A: Well listen up here..bling is a little bit of a tricky thing. Bling works fab on cotton, spandex - really anything normal shirts/hoodies/etc. We bling clothes, hats, bags, bandannas, totes & more!

The key is: whatever you are bling-ing on to has to be able to withstand the heat from the heat press. So nothing with plastic (it's going to melt), nothing with tons of metal, wacky seams, buttons everywhere. No wood. It has to be able to lay flat on the heat press. Really..if it's not a normal shirt/fabric, it's best for the RR gals to take a look at it and make sure we won't have an issue with it! 

Q: where are you located?


Q: what are your store/studio hours?


Q: can i get anything designed?

A: Our motto here at RR is - U dream & create - we have tons some pretty crazy stuff. Sayings, images, ideas - we can do it all. An idea, photos, fonts, sayings, colors - we can work with any of those elements - sit down and chat, talk via email or over the phone and design exactly what you want! We do sports teams, schools, businesses, weddings, retail designs, clubs, birthdays, fundraisers & more.  Keep in mind - bling is a bit more expensive than screen print or embroidery - but it's waaay more fun & has way more "presence" than either of those! If you have a photo of what you want exactly, or even an idea - we can pretty much copy those elements & make your dreams a reality! 

Q: can i bring in my own shirt, pants, jacket, bag, hat, etc. and you can just bling on that?

A: Yes you can. There is a $5 customer owned goods fee that goes a long with that - and we have to check and make sure the material has to be okay to bling on and press. 

Q: do you do kids sizes?

A: We do! We can get tiny onezies, bibs, toddler tees and hoodies - kids of ages can get bling! We typically don't stock kids sizes in our studio, but we can order whatever you need.   :)

Q: how long does the design take to create & produce?

A: It really depends on a few factors. What the design is you have in mind, how complicated it is, how many pieces you are ordering, if there is personlization, what kind of shirt/hoodie/etc. you are doing, how busy we are in the studio, if we are at an event and if we are out of the studio.

We try to work & get orders out ASAP..sometimes we get an order and can get it in the mail the next day, other times it can take a week and a half. It all depends. Your order (no matter what it is) shouldn't take more than 2 1/2 to 3 weeks to get to you. 

Q: how much is it...?

A: If you are ordering 3 custom items or less there is an art/design fee that usually runs between $25 and $35. If you are ordering more than 3 items (same design - can be on different shirts, bags, etc.) there is no art/design fee. Finished tanks & tees (includes bling & shirt) usually run between $28 and $48 - depending on how many crystals are in your design & the shirt style you select - they can be more if you choose to add personalization or go really crazy with the amount of bling - not that there's anything wrong with that!

Our all-ready made up shirts/hoodies/tanks/tees in our store and on our website range from $28-68 and everywhere in between. 

Q: can i order bling designs in wholesale quantities? 

A: If you see one of our fab designs & have to have it for your store, well great! We would love to help you spread more bling to the rest of the universe. OR there's a design/logo/saying/image you want created into bling & sell that works too! We love working with bars, restaurants, hotels, teams, clothing stores, barns, schools, clubs,teams, charities, businesses & more! (whew..outta breath)

To get started on your wholesale order give our resident bling pricing/wholesale coordinating lady (AKA Gwen) a ring-a-ding at 480-395-2434 

Q: is it cheaper if i order more than one piece?

A: Simple answer: yes. 


  • If you are ordering 3 items or less there is an art/design fee that usually runs between $25 and $35.
  • If you are ordering more than 3 items (same design) there is no art/design fee.
  • Finished tanks & tees (includes bling & shirt) usually run between $28 and $48 - depending on how many crystals are in your design & the shirt style you select.
  • We have great styles to choose from - tanks, tees, burnout tees, hoodies, vests, jackets, shorts, yoga pants, sweats, totes, drawstring bags, infant clothing, hats & even intimates!
  • If you are ordering bigger quanitites (over 24) then give us a call for special pricing! you can call Gwen at 480.395.2434

Q: do you just do bling or screen print/embroidery?

A: JUST BLING. We are happy to give you the info on a good screen printer in the PHX area though! 

Q: where do you ship? do you ship internationally?

A: we ship all over the continental USA and typically shipping is just $5.95 to get your order out to you. We do ship to Canada via our website - we love all our equestrians & cowgirls around the globe!  If your credit card does not go though (payment error) when shopping via www.rhinestonerodeo.com - just give us a ring-a-ding at 800.380.6996 - we will run payment through on our end & all will be grand! If you live internationally and have to get your paws on some RR bling - feel free to email or call us and we will figure shipping out together! 

Q: what events do you attend?


more questions? well feel free to give us a call, email, contact us via twitter, facebook or instagram - we would love to hear from you! 

So..how does this whole bling thing work..?